Resources for Well Being

Resources For Well Being

Welcome to Well Being! Our goal is to genuinely support your well-being with a range of helpful videos, articles, and workshops. Inspired by the Well-Being book, we share insights to nurture your body, mind, and spirit. We’re grateful to have you here and hope our resources make a positive difference in your life.

You will find in Well-Being a path to your own personal wellness with tools and practices to help yourself and others on along the way.

Well-Being is a revision of an earlier book I wrote called Energy Sourcebook, published n 2004. It is a complete revision because I now have experienced many things I had not experienced in 2004. Life is moving at an ever rapid pace, and now more than ever Well-Being is vital to ourselves, our communities, our nations and our world. 

But this book isn’t about grand things. It is about the little, day to day things each of us must to to stay calm, healthy and happy. And here’s why. 

  • Stressed cells are not healthy or happy cells.
  • Stress is associated with almost every dis-ease or accident encountered. 
  • Our immune system slows down under stress to make energy available to vital organs.
  • Once we are ill, we tend to become even more stressed that we are ill. 
  • This stress builds until our cells just can’t hang on anymore and physical and emotional problems occur.

The good news is that it is possible to help our cells return to health and happiness.  It takes both physical and emotional work to do so. It takes being open to the ideas of quantum physics:

  • Everything is vibrating and everything has a frequency.
  • Our cells can have calm, healthy and happy vibrations or they can have frentic, unhealthy and angry vibrations.
  • We can allow our cells to retun to health though our thoughts, our emotions, our environment and our own energy.

And That’s what Well-Being is about! In it I have provided over 50 simple Practices (exercises) that you can do at home, without any equipment other than a timer which most of us have in our smart phones. The book is updated to include current theory and practices as well as  ancient ones. 

May You Be Well, May You Be Happy,

Jill Henry EdD, PT,APP

How Energy SourceBook became Well-Being?

Energy SourceBook was published by Llewellyn Worldwide Publiishers in 2004 and had mild success (see how it came about below). In 2016 it was decided to not reprint and the copyright returned to me. That was fine with me, as in 2016 I was the prime caregiver for my husband, my father as well as working part time as a physical therapist and part time running my well being store and website. 

In 2020 my husband of 40 years passed away (my father had gone on a few years earlier), and I was left with being the “keeper of the business documents”. That was always his job and not one I either like or am good at. Mid-way through 2021 I realized that I could not find the file folder with my copyright returned by Llewellyn. I emailed the publisher and asked for a copy of it back. They sent me the copyright papers, and on an intuition I decided to ask if they would consider looking again at Energy SourceBook for re-publication. And they did! And they sent me a new contract, giving me time for a complete revision and updating and an excellent editor, Angela W. On almost every page she placed a comment telling me to “clarify that, or reference here, or expand on this”. And each day Well-Being became more and more rich with energy and ideas. 

I look forward to sharing this new book with you!