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Well-Being by Jill Henry, EdD

I am creating this website peace by peace (spelling intended) based on my latest book from Llewellyn Publishing, Well-Being.

Well-Being contains over 50 exercises and practices that promote a felt sense of Well-Being in body, mind and spirit. The problem is, knowing how to do something as simple as a five-minute mindfulness practice often isn’t done. Life gets in the way. Even 5 minutes seems too long to take the time for self-care.

I hope you purchase my book here or Amazon Kindle. (All my books are now in my phone!). Yet even if you read it you may not find the time to practice. And that’s why I’m setting up this website.

To help you practice!Dr. Jill Henry, Author, Well-Being

I look forward to being with you in videos, classes, articles and any way I may serve your Well Being. Join me won’t you? 

Listen to Jill’s interview with Marianne here!

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