Energy SourceBook – The Fundamentals of Personal Energy

Energy SourceBook was published in 2004 and available through 2016. My new book, Well-Being contains an expansion and update of the original book.

How It Began, The Evolution Of Energy SourceBook

Energy Sourcebook by Jill Henry
The Evolution of Energy SourceBook first published in: Llewellyn’s New Worlds of Mind & Spirit Article Archive
New Worlds Isse: NW044 By: Jill Henry

I didn’t plan to write a book. The book evolved from my website. I didn’t plan to build a website. The website evolved from our store. We (my husband Charlie and I) didn’t plan to open a store. The store evolved from finding ourselves temporarily unemployed in the Smoky Mountains. We didn’t plan to be unemployed, that evolved from completing three-year contracts as physical therapists. We didn’t plan to be contract physical therapists; that evolved from buying land in the mountains. We didn’t plan to buy land in the mountains. The spontaneous purchase of land was made the day after we had spent a week with an Indian Guru who was passing through our city. We didn’t plan to study with a guru, that evolved after we advertised for his concert through our store. We didn’t plan to open the first metaphysical store in our town. The store evolved from my dissertation on Development and Learning for Transformation. I didn’t plan to write a metaphysical dissertation. The dissertation evolved from my practice of meditation. I did, however, plan to practice meditation.

And there you have it: the perfect flow of energy when one taps into the Source. It’s unexpected, unplanned, and perfect in its outcome. That’s what Energy SourceBook is about – how to tap into energy and use it for healing, success, prosperity, adventure and anything else you desire.

The Beginning

I met my husband in 1980 when we were both Assistant Professors of Physical Therapy at the Medical College of Georgia. I was career-driven, stressed out, and determined to make tenure before I was 40. I began my doctoral studies, made tenure, and became even more stressed out. During my comprehensive exams I reached my limit, and finally “came to my senses.” I began to read metaphysical books, to study meditation, and to practice a daily mindfulness technique. I completed my dissertation and directed my studies towards Transpersonal Psychology and Adult Development. In essence, my metaphysical dissertation was about the possibilities of learning, growing and evolving from within. Shortly after receiving my Doctorate of Education (EdD), I realized that I had evolved past my secure faculty tenure, and quit. I opened a metaphysical bookstore, The Relaxation Station. The store attracted teachers from all aspects of metaphysics. They taught Reiki, Gemstone Healing, Hypnosis, Meditation, Yoga, Chi Gong, Tarot and much more. Then we practiced more meditation with the Swami and found ourselves standing on land in North Carolina, knowing that we were to buy it. From that point on, we have taken advantage of each new opportunity the Universe has presented to us. We moved to the mountains and opened another metaphysical store, Mountain Valley Center, complete with a public outdoor stone Labyrinth in a beautiful mountain glade.

The Book

In 1999 I placed a small button on our website,, that said “Click here to be added to our mailing list.” After several hundred people had “clicked,” I realized they were asking for something in return. I collected my notes from over the years on metaphysics and began to write a series of articles. For 4 years, one article each month was published free to mailing list members. After the first 3 years, I developed a workshop based on the articles called “Feel the Flow” (the original title for this book), and now offer it to Nurses, PTs and Massage Therapists for CEU credit (approved by their respective organizations), as well as the general public. The workshop allows participants to directly experience the energy of the Chakras’ mind/body/spirit connections, Meditation, and Polarity Energy’s ability to balance the body’s biomagnetic poles using 5 elemental energy streams (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether). After four years and additional articles on Feng Shui (the energy of wind and water), I realized that I had written a book.

Following my inner guidance, I downloaded the submission guidelines from the Llewellyn website, and submitted my manuscript. Knowing that all energy is flow, and that you “can’t push the river,” I did not contact the publisher after the manuscript was submitted. I had no expectations whatsoever. The day the publishing agreement from Llewellyn arrived in the mail was unexpected, surprising and exciting!

Energy SourceBook is a sharing of practical, “how to” information to transform your inner world and then see the transformations occur in your outer world. It is a step-by-step guide to the inner work that must be done before outer results are visible. It’s about the daily practice anyone can easily do to transform your energies and your life. Energy SourceBook evolved on its own. It was not planned. It is being published because, for a brief moment, I was in the flow and allowed the Universe to work through me. May the Universe flow through you from reading this book, and may you witness miracles in your life.

Below read reviews and  articles describing the original book Energy SourceBook. 

Article: Energy – The Newsletter of the American Polarity Therapy Association, Vol XV, N. 4, Fall 2005 by John Chitty, RPP

This is a great, relatively new resource for Polarity teachers, educators, and practitioners. The title threw me off initially, as it suggested a directory of some kind. Actually it’s a how-to manual that covers a wide ground in self-healing, based significantly on Polarity Therapy principles
The sections of the book include four major topic areas: 1. The role of mind and relaxation. 2. The chakras. 3. Polarity five element applications. 4. The energy of spaces (Feng Shui)

Throughout this book, readers gain methods to progressively explore our innermost non-physical layers, leading to energy anatomy and the body, through to external energy field effects. I thought this inside-to-outside way of organizing the material was very effective.

While the book is easy to read, it has a slightly scholarly tinge, as if it had origins within an academic project. Many of the book’s statements are annotated with research references to validate the points being made. The effect is to build a base of credibility for the concepts, while also telling readers what to do next to receive the benefits discussed.

I thought the extensive tables of chakra and element attributes were particularly interesting. While there are already many versions of these in the literature, each new version seems to bring out additional subtleties and details, enriching the total body of knowledge for everyone in the field. This set is thorough, consistent and very useful, especially for students who may still be forming a sense of the overall dynamics of chakras and elements.

Another strength of Dr. Henry’s book is her discussion of the mind’s role. Many Polarity books focus on bodywork, exercise or diedtary aspects, leaving awareness underrepresented. She presents the mental/emotional dimensions as foreground, arguably the more appropriate position in keeping with Dr. Stones’s numerous comments about how the body is an effect of the mind and feelings.
I could not help but reflect on the title myself, and how the author and publisher are using the work “Energy” as a wrapping for what are mainly Polarity Therapy concepts. This seems to be a sign of the times, and quite relevant as we ponder a future name for our association, as discussed elsewhere in this issue of Energy and on our APTA website ( )

This book continues a trend that I have observed: The Three Principles take a back seat to the Five Elements. This is true for many books about Polarity Therapy, though the term ‘Polarity’ itself is derived from the Principles (Yin-Yang-Neutral) and not the Elements (Chakras). Although the concepts of Chakras and Elements are easier to understand and currently enjoy better recognition, I hope the Principles can gain their rightful, more primary place in the literature.

Overall, this book is highly recommended for Polarity schools and their students. I hope it gains wide acceptance in our community. It is clear, simple, easy-to-read and holds a wealth of great information.

Article by Leah R. Patterson BellaOnline’s Wellness Editor

How in tune are you with your personal energy? Do you know how to tap into it and use this innate power? If you find your answer is no or you feel like you could use a refresher, I highly recommend Jill Henry’s informative, accessible guidebook The Energy SourceBook. In this well laid out personal workbook, Jill covers four extremely useful and powerful esoteric practices – Relaxation and Meditation, Chakra Energy, Polarity and the Five Elements, and Feng Shui.

This book is in fact designed to help you “balance personal energy, increase personal energy, and use it for healing”. What’s even better is that Jill presents this information in an easy to read format with a style that is warmly conversational. Each chapter of The Energy SourceBook is a complete study in itself of a healing energy practice. It takes you through the theory of that practice into tangible ways to begin actually practicing it in your life. Each chapter ends with simple yet profound exercises that I personally found very powerful. The exercises really helped to bring home the concepts that chapter covered in a very real, “organic” way. I was also presently surprised to feel my sense of confidence and assuredness in these areas rise with each exercise I tried.

The exercises are well-designed to be encouraging and empowering in this way. One feature that I found very pleasing was the brevity of the chapters. It was really wonderful to have a book with such profound information written in a way that encouraged you to spend more time in practice of the concepts than reading about them. Jill speaks to this in the introduction, stating “The chapters are short, so that you may spend less time reading and more time doing. It is only when you are experiencing that you feel the flow of energy.” I found this book to be a refreshing introduction and overview of the theory and practice of tuning one’s personal energy. If you fancy yourself a beginner in these areas, this book would serve as a wonderful first step into understanding this topic. I’d also recommend this book to anyone wanting to introduce these concepts to young adults in an easy, non-threatening yet insightful way. Overall, Jill Henry has done us all a great service by providing this guidebook. I hope you find it as valuable as I have!”