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The Path of Least Resistance aka Going down the Rabbit Hole and finding Treasure

I’ve made a commitment this year to follow the path of least resistance. To trust Spirit to guide me along the way.

This is different from my normal planning and worrying. From my “to do” list and feeling guilty for what I’ve not accomplished or stressed because the list is so long.

I often “go down the rabbit hole” when following this path. Usually it comes out to my benefit, though not at the same time. Often there is a delay in what I’m doing and knowing why I’m doing it.

For example
Today I decided to write the June newsletter. I had a vague topic in mind and wondered if I had written about the same topic recently. I went to where my old newsletters are saved on GetResponse mailing service. MVC Past newsletters!

As I began looking for the topic I realized that I wrote some pretty good articles the last 10 years. And maybe it would be wise to copy the articles into one file. And there I go, down the rabbit hole.

What I thought would take me an hour or so now is taking me to a day of copy and paste. And it’s OK. It is the path of least resistance. It feel right to collect this information and recycle it. I don’t know when or where I may use it. Maybe in future newsletters? Maybe in marketing videos? Maybe in blogs? Maybe in podcasts? Maybe in all places!

And then boom – there it is! My treasure and this month’s newsletter article – Waiting to Know.

Only difference is that today I am 74, 10 years older than the Jill who wrote this article. The amazing thing is that even the website links in the article are still active and I’m still downloading from them!

Waiting to Know – from 10 years ago.

When I was young, I knew everything. I knew who I was and where I was going. I knew that I was to be a physical therapist. I knew that I would go to The Ohio State University to be one. I knew that every job would “just come to me” and every job would be perfect. When I was young, the road was straight ahead and all I had to do is follow it!

Today, at 64 (74 now), after over 30 years of studying and practicing metaphysics, I’m not sure I know anything. I find myself “waiting to know” before I make decisions. The road is no longer as straight as it was in my youth. It has many turns and curves, each one resulting in a totally different experience. And I know the choices are all mine, not just some action of fate. I wait to find guidance from my soul/spirit/god/goddess/all there is. I wait so I can listen to that inner voice. Sometimes it’s easy to hear. Sometimes I get so tangled up in the drama of life I can’t hear it at all. Yet I know it’s there, inside, waiting for me to “know”.

I’ve used many tools over the years to connect with that inner spirit. Pendulums, tarot, automatic writing, horoscopes. Sometimes they work. Sometimes they mislead. The one thing that does not mislead is meditation. The listening kind of meditation. The kind that allows me to go deep, relax, and let go. I have two favorite guided imagery tapes I use while I’m “waiting to know”. The first is by Jon Shore called “Letting Go”. In this meditation, Jon takes you to a field where you review all your burdens, then asks you to let them go to the light. It’s quite powerful and can be purchased as a download on his website, Jon The second is a tape by Sanaya Roman and Orin in the album Orin’s Transformation and called “Creating the Future with Light”. In this meditation, you visit your future self and allow this future self to send you back energy from the future to make the present brighter/lighter, which creates a better future. I love the concept! The album can be purchased and downloaded from

I hope this is helpful to some of you who are “waiting to know” too. Especially those of you who are like me and prefer to read the ending of a book before they begin! In life we don’t know what our ending will be, that’s the challenge and the adventure. Waiting to know before we make decisions and take actions will lead us to the highest path. In fact, the path will appear as we wait, and then know, what to do and when to do it.

Jill Henry, EdD, APP, EBI